Assamese: গান্ধবিৰিণা (, IPA: gan.dʰɔ.bi.ɹ
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[Common Noun] Lemon Grass is a tall tropical grass. The fresh stalks and leaves have a clean lemonlike odour because they contain an essential oil, which is also present in lemon peel. Lemon grass is a long thick grass with leaves at the top and a solid portion several inches long at the root end. The lower portion is sliced or pounded and used in cooking. As a spice, fresh lemon grass is preferred for its vibrant flavour, but is also sold in dried form. The dried spice is available in several forms: chopped in slices, cut and sifted, powdered, or as an oil can be extracted from the plant.
বিৰিণা জাতীয় এবিধ সুগন্ধি ঘাঁহ৷ ইযাৰ শিপাৰ পৰা তেল প্ৰস্তুত কৰা হয়৷
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English: lemon grass (ˈlemən ˈgræs;লেমন গ্ৰাছ), Cymbopogon citratus (Cymbopogon citratus;কিমবোপগন চিট্ৰাটুচ),
Assamese: গন্ধবিৰিণা (
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